Tomasz Wełna PhD

visual artist and teacher. Born in 1980 in Poland. Uses the  painting, drawing, animation and music media to explore natural beauty of the planet Earth. To show the human influence to the environment. Traveler fascinated by geology and philosophy. 

2005 Graduate the Academy Of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland.
2005-2011 Lecturer and Assistant in the Academy Of Fine Arts, Graphics Departament
2012 PhD in Fine Arts graduated
2016 Lecturer of typography & graphic design in the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.
Since 2007 Owner and teacher in the OKO School of Art
X-XII 2005 Graphic Designer for Gazeta Krakowska, POLSKAPRESSE, departament of self promotion


2022 CROATIA a series of watercolours made with the handmade pigments from natural rocks of Croatia
2020-2022 ART IN PANDEMIA – series of more than 1000 online livestream lessons of art in collaboration with Daria Rzepiela PhD.
2020 WAITING FOR A WIND organisation of the collective exhibition about the air pollution in Poland
2019 drawings, animation and production of the animated film ALBERT AND JOSEPHINE
2018 animation, direction and production of the short documentary film about the air pollution in Poland for the COP24 conference
2018 “A PICTURE OF YOU” direction, animation and production of the virtual reality music video for Steen Thøttrup
2017-2019 FAUN PROJECT – music and video environmental and ecological own art project
2017-2018 animation and drawings to the educational animated movies for the Museum Of Polish Government, Sejm
2017 ALL THAT SMOG Direction and animations to the educatinal-documentary ecological film
National Opera in Warsaw – creation of 17 educational historical animated movies, cooperation with Daria Rzepiela PhD.
Project of the e-book version of the font  „Apolonia”  for AGORA S.A.

Main Award for the best animated film ALBERT AND JOSEPHINE at Festpro Film Festival, Russia
First Award in Opole Marshal Office’s contest for paleonthology visualisation
Second Award in International Contest „It’s Art Magazine”
Special Prize in Sport Graphic Biennal in Gdynia, Poland





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